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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tunnel Traffic

November 30, 2010

Bloodbath | Myspace Video

Samsung Galaxy -- Review!?

Last week Sweet D's employer selected her for a presentation on new technologies and how they could be used to make her job and the jobs of the center directors and their employees easier. She was given the Galaxy Tab from Samsung to find apps that would be useable and present them to the head honchos. So when she got this sweet gem home, i just bided my time waiting till she put it down so i could go crazy on it. I dont know anyone with an ipad so i havent played with one but the Samsung galaxy is smaller and has a smaller camera (megapixels = 1.3) but does have flash.That is about all the bad stuff that i have to say about it. I loved playing games on it. the colors are crisp and the games played seamlessly. Taking pics is awsome, i appreciated the flash. It has the capability to video chat. I am comfortable with andrioid apps cuz i have the mytouch trey g already but it is a pretty easy to navigate and use system. I had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately Sweet D had to return it to work. you can watch and read a real review of it here:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ron English Miami Wynwood Mural

Ron English Miami Wynwood Mural

Air Jordan 7 Retro Premio “Bin 23″ Collection – Release Info

Air Jordan 7 Retro Premio “Bin 23″ Collection – Release Info

Curated: Five Questions With Hush

Curated: Five Questions With Hush

Blazers v Pistons 11-09-10

Blazers had a sweet deal on seats for a game vs the pistons. # 4 has never been to a game and it happens that Sweet d is a blazers fan and a huge Tayshaun Prince fan so this was the perfect storm. Nose Bleeds were only 6 bucks. So we copped 3 and here we are. By the end of the game #4 was a Lamarcus Aldridge fan and now is part of the trailblazer nation.
Here are some pics from the game.
peep the video clips also.
*as alwasys click on the photo to see them better.

this guy got to take shots for money, the 3 pointer was worth 275 i think. dude made all 3 shots and took home around 5 hundy total.

clips from blazer v pistons 11-9-10

This is what you get when you have to take free throws at the Rose Garden. -1 taking control from behind the back board and puttin voodoo on the opposition making them miss free throws. you cant handle him. He has it on lock. You might as well just give up and throw in the towel as long as -1 is on the job.

Bloodbath Myspace Video

A good display of the lost art of the 15-17 ft. jump shot after moving the ball around and running the offense.

run the offense blazers v pistons 11-9-10

Bloodbath Myspace Video

party time in the Rose Garden

blazers v pistons 11-9-10

Bloodbath Myspace Video

mytouch purge

blazers v pistons. good game. free chalupas
go girl energy drink?
2nd floor of ground control
The shadow. Not my best score but i did earn a free game at 150 million.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hex iPod nano Watch Band

Hex iPod nano Watch Band


The huckster must be hard up for cash. He has been on a tear doing every b commercial that you could think of. Hes done mattress world, payday home loans, now hes shouting out biggie and reciting his rhymes for this rap karoke game.
peep the mouth of the south.

**bonus huckster footage from decon on vimeo

Hulk Hogan is NEVERNOTFRESH from Decon on Vimeo.

anti Lebron commercial.

Cavs fans are still upset Lebron took a pay cut and left because he wants to surround himself with talent capable of winning a championship. He gave up 7 seasons to cleveland with mediocre or seasoned "role players" and they couldnt get it done.
What other team makes a response video to a player leaving. They need to get over it. He left, thats it. shit happens.

Dallas Penn @ Rally to restore sanity/keep fear alive

INTERnets...interCONNECTED netWORKs.

Vote Or Lie from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat.

Saturday while #4 was at his friends halloween party I had the task to carve up 2 pumpkins. I used a stencil and my shaky lefty styles. results are below.

For halloween Sweet D had the idea to team up with her cousin and her daughter and go group trick or treating in some neighborhood she knew of were they go all out for the kids.
Since #4 hasnt officially gone trick or treating a partner in crime with experience is just what he needed. We even had him do a test run on their door to get the kinks out. lol.#4 was a zombie dr. and d's cousin was an 80's girl. There were swarms of kids out having a great time. We were out for a solid 90 mins and they came away with a pretty heavy bundle of candy that should last a long time. They had a blast and are already discussing next years costumes.

zombie dr.
#4 waiting for us to get the show on the road.

my handy dandy lefty carving creations

test house

results of 90 min of trick or treating.