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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wackies x Supreme

Wackies is an American independent record label specialized in reggae and dub music.
Founded in the 1970s by Lloyd Barnes, as the Wackie's House Of Music based on White Plains Road in New York, the name Wackies also include a record shop and a studio. It is considered by some to be the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States.
Wackies music has a distinctive sound. It is bass heavy and deliberately crafted to have what some people call a "lo-fi" sound. Wackies achieved this sound using special recording techniques and equipment. This equipment was so notable that some pieces now have a place in the Les Paul Museum. Popular Jamaican reggae artists such as Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, and Wayne Jarret appeared regularly on the label. However, Lloyd Barnes developed a number of New York-based artists such as: Itopia; Chosen Brothers; Love Joys; Jah Batta; Clive Field Marshall; Dub Generals, and Junior Delahaye, whose releases primarily appeared on the Wackies label. Most commonly known as "Bullwackie All Stars," Lloyd Barnes worked with a notable group of studio musicians including: Jerry Harris; Ras Menelik; Jerry Johnson; Clive "Azul" Hunt, and Douglas Levy. (from the wackie wiki page)

wish I could have purchased 2 of each shirt. I would guess that the  majority of the hypebeasts probably dont know who (what) they are so there could still be time to scoop a couple more at a later date. hype..


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grand Purp

 bored at work. kicked off my shoes and snapped some pics.

       hot mom scooped up a pair of these fly knit lunar plus with the crazy color way.

The Dog House

we have recently caught the texas hold 'em bug again. So we signed up to play near gresham with some of poker shark d co workers.
Slow Play D did well and placed 10th overall. My luck was quite the opposite. I was knocked in the regular tournament adn lost again at the consolation table.  Place is new. Poker is new. organized confusion for sure. fun time. def get the steak special. RARE. We will def do this again.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

After party. party

 after B's party we were all tired. icky poopy, B,sweet heart D and myself, after a heated debate (roughly 30-45 min) decided to go to Si Senor for happy hour.. A few min in b tapped out.

 Baby B all tapped out after the excitement of his 1st Birthday party
 40 oz Margaritas were the decision maker. Im not allowed to have these.
ended the night playing some 5 card draw with bag of change with our broke asses.

i won.

Friday, upon a couple of friends recommendation we went to Burnside Brewery
 for an early bite before finishing up our shopping for baby b first bday. burger cooked in duck fat. add bacon (of course). all to the good.
vanilla lemon tart thing. very good. def have dessert also if you have any room left.

Beer Drinker D says that the beer is on point. sweet heat is the way to go.