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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interstate 84


These are #4's latest pickups. I was on the clock so Sweet D was sweet enough to take him hunting for some sneakers. These were his picks and they were wallet friendly as well as a solid pickup in my opinion.
(I call them the peace blazers, i have no idea what they really are so if you know then holler back.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grifters: David Choe in W1

die antwoord--straight from the horses piel

Interesting to say the least.

STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S PIEL from Die Antwoord on Vimeo.

Sound of the police

#4 and I were headed to get Sweet D from work from the downtown and while slowed on Everett St. we see 2 men explaining something to a police officer outside a building. Seemed like nothing at first. Next one of the men seems to be getting agitated about whatever was being talked about. One of the men just gave up or disappeared but from traffic and a few cars back it was hard to tell. The first man is steadily getting more angry judging from his arm gestures towards someone or something inside the building he was facing. The cop was there alone. As far as i could tell the cop tried to divert the mans attention towards him then he leads him away from watever was causing the situation and then a mini-van swoops up out of nowhere and 3 or 4 cops jump out and detain the man. Another 3 to 4 cop cars also roll in and they all proceed to get out to handle one man. I have no clue what was going on and the people in the cars in front and behind were all stopped watching it go down. There was another man across the street with his camera taking pics also. I was taking them from the car so they are blurry and tinted and somewhat out of focus.
(If anyone was there and knows what happened. holla.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Street artist ABOVE presents an interesting commentary on Banksy, entitled “Because Now I’m Worth It.” He speaks on the piece below -

Last year I was traveling for 3-months around Europe and spent 2 weeks in Paris. One day when I was walking around Paris I found this spot but unfortunately I had just 1 day before my flight to Rome. After observing the large concrete frame on the wall, it gave me a lot of inspiration for several ideas on how to creatively interact with the un-used frame and location. One idea was to juxtapose an “art thief” stealing a popular painting like the Mona Lisa from the frame. I felt the idea and site-specific stencil would interact well with the un-used frame and the fact that the Mona Lisa is located just 10 minutes away inside the Louvre museum.

Time always changes things and with that new situations arise. Since last year when I was in Paris I’ve noticed a lot of new topics in street art and more importantly the thievery of art works in the street. I felt it more interesting and relative to have the art thief portrayed in the stencil stealing a piece of art that actually gets stolen quite often. The English artist Banksy is one of the most popular street artists and highly publicized victims of his street artworks being stolen. It’s not by random chance this happens to Banksy’s art as first and foremost he makes great work but also due to the fact that his indoor works have sold for several hundred thousand dollars you can imagine when he paints outside in the street his works are soon sought after by thieves.

It’s an interesting concept and somewhat of an irony as we the artists and the thieves are both working in an illegal manner. One illegal activity inspires another. The artist paints illegally with spray cans on a wall, while the thieves jack hammer and chip off illegally painted walls, illegally. It’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black to a degree.
I took the initiative to comment and create a situation in this piece that could mimic both illegal acts simultaneously executed here in the painting and in the process.

Many years ago before Banksy’s mass appeal he painted his popular rat image that read, “Because I’m worthless.” Times have changed Banksy is a common household name as well as the increased value of his artworks. I felt like it would be applicable to the current state of affairs to appropriate his previous statement to “Because now I’m worth it” to reflect the past and current thievery of his street artworks.


(taken from hypebeast)


170th St.

I got to the train station early the other day so I decided to get out of the car take a couple of pics while waiting for sweet D to get here.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been staring at these all day today. Sweet D sent me these from a persons camping trip and all i can say is WOW. i cannot believe my eyes. She sent them to me complete with commentary. below are some of the photos from a camping trip. I personally do not do the camping but homegrown Portland and Oregon peeps seem to be all about it. So below are some alarming or interesting or visual gold that depict a recent camping trip that i could not take my eyes off of all day today. I put people on hold and straight up did not answer a couple of calls while i glared over these gems. Sweet d and i corresponded via email about these pics for at least an hour and I'm sure we will discuss these in detail over dinner.
ps. i will include the original captions that sweet d included when she sent them to me.

Kids with guns baby….like fucking insane…what kinda shit has this man gotten himself into. (the sweet words of sweet D).
No clue but fucking awesome. (sweet words from Sweet D)

He looks like such a mess right now……sad times. Hope that you are enjoying these as much as I am. (more sweet words from sweet D).