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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

 We wrapped up saturdate with a movie and beers at laurelhurst theatre. sweet d loves beer. i hate beer. i hate the taste of beer. she wanted me to try a beer of her choice for me and i went with it. it was a full sail of some sort. i still hate beer. just prefer vodka. sorry . the movie was pretty good. worth a watch. good story. def check the trailer. ^

saint cupcake

 on our walk up to dicks kitchen we passed st.cupcake. sweet heart d mentioned that they are super good and we should check it out on our walk back to the car.
we got a dozen minis.
cupcakes are good. st.cupcakes
 go here . if you already dont.
3300 Southeast Belmont Street
(503) 997-3674


Sweet d orchestrateed a baby sitter for saturday afternoon.
the plan was for finding new place to eat, drink, movie, drink, icky poopys lair, drink .
got b off to the sitter.  Saturdate is on. we decided on dicks kitchen. go here. delicious.
3312 Southeast Belmont Street  Portland, OR 97214. Get the zizou burger, named after zinedine zidan. good. alcoholic shakes are tasty also. get one of those to.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boogies Burgers

Eagle eye D spotted the grand opening of the Boogies burgers. She also spotted the neckface installation at One Grand Gallery off burnside. So after the movie we made our way back down burnside to try Boogies burgers. Country music was blaring through the speakers. burgers were reasonably priced, juicy and they serve alcohol. strawberry shake was also good. def worth a try if you are in the area.

Nasty Neck Face

we still cannot figure out how we missed this show. it was here for a month and we freaking missed it.
damn damn damn.One Grand Gallery

did not have my camera. used broken phone that decides for me when its going to add a blue hue to every pic that i take. need to go back .