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Friday, August 26, 2011

Jefferson st. wall

New additions to the wall off the Jefferson st. fwy entrance. Spotted these on my way home from the train car and burnside so when I saw them I had to turn around and make my way up the freeway entrance and once again hop that moss covered waist high wall to avoid meeting up with the homeless walking in and out of the trail . It was easier this time because some of the tall bushes and dead growth and blackberry thorn bushes have been cleard. There were a few homeless still sleeping opposite the wall so I was as quiet and respectful as possible, got my pics then made my exit.

 anyone missing a pair of tube socks

walk it out.

Around the Corner

Various pix taken around the corner from the burnside skate park and on the burnside bridge this morning..
 wheat paste
 I've seen this family or group of people posted up  for the last 2 days that I have been hanging around burnside skatepark in the mornings.  They are living out of their car under the bridge with sleeping bags and tents. Looks like this morning the effing cops are cleaning up the area and moving them out.Living in a car with a couple of  pre K babies has got to be difficult. I hope that the cops advised them on some alternative housing or a direction to turn for some help with their situation.
 bro, were getting the band back together. ....
 wheat paste
 wheat paste
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 8 am, barefoot, coffe cup, walking across the burnside bridge. ???

 upyos fbc
City in the morning.


This wall is located across the street from the Original Hotcake House. I'm not sure how old it is but i have been seeing it for a while. I decided to stop since I was near by after not being able to get close the train cars.

Train Car

 You can see these train cars from Division st. SweetHeart D and I were on our way to Clinton St. Pub for a pinbrawl yesterday and i saw them so this moring after getting baby D to work I tried to get a close look at them but there were some city employees working on power lines so I decided to keep my distance and get the pix possible.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to Burnside Skate Park

 Finally made the time to get back here. I was here early  at around 745 in the am and there was only one person there shortly after i entered 4 more dudes rolled up on skateboards and one on  a bike.