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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dew Tour 081211

Friday was a nice day and inbetween getting to those other spots I decided to walk across the broadway bridge and get some pic. As I started my walk you could hear the rukus from the dew tour bmx dirt ramp.
so i crossed the bridge to the other side and took some video. The video came out blurry and shaky due to being on the bridge and my trusty shaky hands. I was able to get a couple of decent pix. They had security tight down there so i couldnt find any openings to actually get in without shelling out the 15 buck admission. I was short on time and cash so i got what i could get from the bridge with a few other shoe box photogs.

from the center of the bridge

 I might post the video later but it didnt look good the first time i checked it. maybe i will give it another look.