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Sunday, August 21, 2011




 The Shadow.

 So it turns out that friday was the north west hiphop awards...I happened to be walking around by the barcade and there were groups of people every where and the aroma of orange pine needles. I asked this ho what was going down and she told me it was the under ground hiphop awards for the west coast.
there were people filming videos and "freestyle" cyphers popping up at random. Pimps and Ho's advertising services at a cut rate price. shit was popping. freaking wish i had the camera . efff.
  The 4th annual Official West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2011 friday August 19th Roseland Theater Portland , Oregon Hosted by Spice 1 - Kokane-Havoc the mouth piece Tay Capone to register or for VIP info contact octavius also to submit a song for the wchha 2011 Cd/Dvd send Epk kit to 510-269-7127 Office Voicemail with special tributes to Nate Dogg and M-bone ;"