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Friday, August 26, 2011

Around the Corner

Various pix taken around the corner from the burnside skate park and on the burnside bridge this morning..
 wheat paste
 I've seen this family or group of people posted up  for the last 2 days that I have been hanging around burnside skatepark in the mornings.  They are living out of their car under the bridge with sleeping bags and tents. Looks like this morning the effing cops are cleaning up the area and moving them out.Living in a car with a couple of  pre K babies has got to be difficult. I hope that the cops advised them on some alternative housing or a direction to turn for some help with their situation.
 bro, were getting the band back together. ....
 wheat paste
 wheat paste
 p u
 8 am, barefoot, coffe cup, walking across the burnside bridge. ???

 upyos fbc
City in the morning.