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Friday, August 5, 2011

Upper Playground 5th Anniversary

 relaps kyt - kill your television. on top of voodoo donuts.

 Brians summer whip. ran into him at the tube.
 inside the tube for happy hour. ran into a few peeps we hadnt seen in  a while.
 When we start out on our way to U.P. from Tube we always stop by the artists lofts because they usually have a nice array of wines for drunk D to partake of freely. There wasnt much going on in there this time but we stopped and watched this guy do his thing for a few minutes.

 detailed pix of part of the mural. It changes every couple of months.
 made of black electrical tape and high lighters.
 Next we walked across the street to Upper Playground where the party was in full swing. All of the artists hadnt showed up yet. Bradley Delay showed up right as we were leaving but we were able to say high through the window as he spotted me in line waiting to get drawing from Sam Flores. Tired D and I had a long day. She was training newbs all day and I was running around doing errands n stuff. We cut out early but not without getting a juxtapoz and a customer drawing from the man Mr. Flores. I dont like to ask anyone for specific stuff when i realize that they are drawing for hours on end. i just asked him to do whatever he wanted to to . I am just happy to have something. He looked at my stussy x marvel wolverine shirt and he begins to draw. I am beyond happy with what I got. I have already framed it per the lady in line behind me.

 bradley delay
                                                  Sam Flores.  hooking me up.

 We found the female version or the dopppleganger of Brians bike.

 just started reading this couple of days ago.