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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pentax Q

Pentax Q


Saturday Matinee.

 popped a bag. mishka engineered to destroy t-shirt and cracked open a box and broke out the dark shadow air max for our later afternoon matinee on saturday.

 Sweet D picked this movie, i am game for anything with willie ferrell in it. this is not a comedy. The story was very good though. this was a great movie with a shitty story that i could identify with. I recommend it.

Once the movie ended, we were interested in some eats and or treats, we strolled up and down 28th but most places were not even open yet and it was 330 already.
Restaurant Details

The window-filled City State has a classic diner menu with a few twists. Breakfast is served all day with choices running from ultra-cheap brekkie sandwiches to the rather steep hazelnut challah French toast. Soup, salad, sandwiches, burgers and a few entrées round out the menu. And of course it's on NE 28th where cocktails, beer and wine are a must.
We passed the city state diner and a couple that were eating outside remarked how good their food was and we stopped for a minute to look then kept it moving because we have a couple of spots that we like already on this street. After seeing that those places werent open we walked back by and the same couple was still talking about how good their meals were. At that point we had to go in.

City State diner is a new favorite, I didnt get a pic of the decor but the place is new with an old time diner feel, the wait staff was very helpful and funny. The Food blew us out of the water. It was very good. I only had a salad but it was the best salad that I have had in a long time. Sweet D burger was off the charts. The frickin fries were delicious. Do yourself a favor and go here.
 One of the tastiest fries that i am not supposed to have.
 Salad was amaze


Left the camera at home. all pics taken with mytouchtreyG.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunset Speedway, Banks Oregon

 Friday, #4 had a makeup game that got rained out in the city of Banks. I have never been to banks only heard of it as one of those cities you pass on your way out to the coast or the beach.
We arrived about 45 min early for the game, but you could not deny the crowds and the roaring sounds from the engines. They were not here for the little league game. Behind the baseball diamond is the Sunset Speedway. I had the camera in the car for the game so i grabbed it and took some pics from the bleachers. We were so close to the cars and their drivers that i , along with another parent decided to get a little closer to them. While I was taking flicks a couple of guys noticed me and just called me back to their cars and told me to take as many as i wanted. Awesome. Then we met Jerry Winchester. (owner of the ford above).  Jerry Winchester is a hell of a man. He was cool as hell and eager to show us and teach us about his car. He had 3 cars in the race that day. Jerry is the owner of his own shop in Washington. We shook hands, He showed us the engine, he even jumped in and started up his 79 mustang for us. He introduced us to 2 of his other drivers that called us back originally. Right at that point some dudes rolled up on us in a golf cart checking wrist bands of which we had none. So we were politely kicked out of the area. It was cool as I had already gotten more than I could have asked for.  Later on Jerry was in between races and came up to the bleachers to see how the game went.Good dude.
you can get more info about the raceway and stuff here:

1 of Jerrys other driver along with his partner.
79 Ford mustang 4 banger
 Jerry Winchester

 I was staring at this hood as Jerry talked us around the ins and outs of his car. He stopped for a moment and noticed that I was stuck on trying to figure it out. Jerry then went on to tell us of the story of his son Ford, a 16 year old mustang lover that was hit by a car on Christmas eve 2 years ago. It was a heavy hearted story of losing a son then coming to terms and finding a way to deal with the loss in a positive way by racing Fords favorite car, the mustang. It was amazing to meet and speak with Mr. Jerry Winchester.

 looks like a Toyota Celica gt hatchback, ready to race. wow.

 Geo metro or even maybe a Geo storm. i cant remember which is what.

Friday, June 24, 2011

camera phone discharge

I tried to go to ground control the other day but they were having a private party. So to kill time i just walked aroud and caught a few flicks with the camera phone.

 since i couldnt play pinball, i strolled around the corner to compound to see what they had going on. They are having a shoe consignment setup on the second floor. I was able to get a couple of copies of the last vice magazine.
 Had to "drain the lizard" so i stopped in backspace and used the facilities.
 I killed some time checking out the art in backspace.
 Next i went to floating world comics and looked around for a moment but didnt stay long because it was already time to get the Sweetest D.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portland Naked Bike Ride 2011 (Videos)

blogger vids arent the best quality. could not decide where to upload them to. cuz there are boobies and pp in the vids. shitty quality. sorry.

these are dark and grainy but they were the best i could do i guess.

Portland Naked Bike Ride 2011

Last night we were hanging out in the Woodstock district with some friends for a sweet cook out.

We met up ickypoopys friend at some restaurant that i cant remember the name of. We didnt eat. place was packed and supposed to have great food, we may go back someday for a meal. Soon after we hit up ground control for a couple of rounds of pinball. All of this was leading up to hitting the streets for the naked bike ride. I had never been but it sounded like something nice to bring out the camera for.

It was a deep sea of all shapes and sizes. A total shock and awe. I have never seen that many people on bikes but seeing that many naked people on bikes and high fiving was crazy. I was speechless.
My pics may be blurry and dark so i apologize in advance.
videos to follow.
here is some info:
There have already been at least two naked bike rides so far this Pedalpalooza, but none are as big as the WBNR this coming Saturday. Last year’s event was attended by an estimated 13,000 riders, making it the largest naked ride world-wide.
From the site:
Join us in the largest naked ride in North America, and quite possibly the world, as we gently protest against the fossil fuel dependence, and show the world a better, funner way. See for more propaganda. The dress code is officially “as bare as you dare”.

it was chaos and gridlock in the streets.

these pics suck. i took like 40 but these were the only ones that werent blurry. damn.
There was a ton of peen and poon in the ride.

*most of the pics were to dark to post. these were the best of the worst.