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Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday Matinee.

 popped a bag. mishka engineered to destroy t-shirt and cracked open a box and broke out the dark shadow air max for our later afternoon matinee on saturday.

 Sweet D picked this movie, i am game for anything with willie ferrell in it. this is not a comedy. The story was very good though. this was a great movie with a shitty story that i could identify with. I recommend it.

Once the movie ended, we were interested in some eats and or treats, we strolled up and down 28th but most places were not even open yet and it was 330 already.
Restaurant Details

The window-filled City State has a classic diner menu with a few twists. Breakfast is served all day with choices running from ultra-cheap brekkie sandwiches to the rather steep hazelnut challah French toast. Soup, salad, sandwiches, burgers and a few entrées round out the menu. And of course it's on NE 28th where cocktails, beer and wine are a must.
We passed the city state diner and a couple that were eating outside remarked how good their food was and we stopped for a minute to look then kept it moving because we have a couple of spots that we like already on this street. After seeing that those places werent open we walked back by and the same couple was still talking about how good their meals were. At that point we had to go in.

City State diner is a new favorite, I didnt get a pic of the decor but the place is new with an old time diner feel, the wait staff was very helpful and funny. The Food blew us out of the water. It was very good. I only had a salad but it was the best salad that I have had in a long time. Sweet D burger was off the charts. The frickin fries were delicious. Do yourself a favor and go here.
 One of the tastiest fries that i am not supposed to have.
 Salad was amaze


Left the camera at home. all pics taken with mytouchtreyG.