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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunset Speedway, Banks Oregon

 Friday, #4 had a makeup game that got rained out in the city of Banks. I have never been to banks only heard of it as one of those cities you pass on your way out to the coast or the beach.
We arrived about 45 min early for the game, but you could not deny the crowds and the roaring sounds from the engines. They were not here for the little league game. Behind the baseball diamond is the Sunset Speedway. I had the camera in the car for the game so i grabbed it and took some pics from the bleachers. We were so close to the cars and their drivers that i , along with another parent decided to get a little closer to them. While I was taking flicks a couple of guys noticed me and just called me back to their cars and told me to take as many as i wanted. Awesome. Then we met Jerry Winchester. (owner of the ford above).  Jerry Winchester is a hell of a man. He was cool as hell and eager to show us and teach us about his car. He had 3 cars in the race that day. Jerry is the owner of his own shop in Washington. We shook hands, He showed us the engine, he even jumped in and started up his 79 mustang for us. He introduced us to 2 of his other drivers that called us back originally. Right at that point some dudes rolled up on us in a golf cart checking wrist bands of which we had none. So we were politely kicked out of the area. It was cool as I had already gotten more than I could have asked for.  Later on Jerry was in between races and came up to the bleachers to see how the game went.Good dude.
you can get more info about the raceway and stuff here:

1 of Jerrys other driver along with his partner.
79 Ford mustang 4 banger
 Jerry Winchester

 I was staring at this hood as Jerry talked us around the ins and outs of his car. He stopped for a moment and noticed that I was stuck on trying to figure it out. Jerry then went on to tell us of the story of his son Ford, a 16 year old mustang lover that was hit by a car on Christmas eve 2 years ago. It was a heavy hearted story of losing a son then coming to terms and finding a way to deal with the loss in a positive way by racing Fords favorite car, the mustang. It was amazing to meet and speak with Mr. Jerry Winchester.

 looks like a Toyota Celica gt hatchback, ready to race. wow.

 Geo metro or even maybe a Geo storm. i cant remember which is what.