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Friday, July 30, 2010


zooyork ss button up, levis 539, nike toki mids.

Another Alberta Last Thursday Art walk.

Yesterday was time for another last Thursday art walk. the added bonus this time would be that we were going to be able to expose the seeds to some new stuff. Turns out that new things are difficult for them to digest but we aren't done trying. The heat and the walking are not tops on their to do list but we made it through. This particular Thursday the sun was shining so that meant loads of people in the streets which i don't think they were ready for. Anyhow my dude with the cig boxes was in full effect and there were more performers than usual, more people also meant less wine to be had by Sweet D. That sucked for her. Now that i think about it, we had zero drinks yesterday, that must be a first. So to sum this puppy up, it was a nice day, i picked up a couple of cig boxes for a steal, got the seeds voodoo doughnuts..again, enjoyed the art and weirdos all up and down Alberta.

Kid on buckets

This kid was nice on the buckets...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shit is real in these streets

5 am dvd ruger n versuz

a little graff introspective

2nd place...

pubquiz team shirt and logo done by carrie.

Last night was Pub Quiz time at the Space Room. We started off great i had a couple of warm up screw drivers and we covered all our bonus points. As the game got underway we were close on the bingo round but another team cashed in on those points. The funny thing was that after one round we were still tied for first place. Usually the team that hits bingo sails through a couple of rounds due to the 20 point bonus. We kept it close through every round. Final jeopardy question was.. name the five highest properties on monopoly, carrie had those in the bag. I convinced the team that we needed to go all in because the disparity between us and team Canada who was in first place was less than 10 points and we just had to hope that they got the question wrong. Team Canada did not get the question wrong and they went all in as well, so we placed 2nd. It was a good run and hard fought contest through every round. It took us four weeks to place in the top 3 but we are doing better and taking it more seriously then last season. We still won some cash. Its always a victory to be able to drink for free but next week we need a win. We were so close.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Jeremy Fish

Last Saturday Jeremy Fish pulled up to Upper Playground in his tour van, setup shop and autographed some stuff and had a opening called "The Road Less Traveled". I had to miss it all due to a bullshit shift bid that has screwed me over in more than missing this event, my new schedule does not play well with my going out schedule but that is another post for another blog. Anyways I took the seeds to upper playground for the first time so they could get stickers and see what i do and where i go in portland. I snapped some shots of the opening that I missed.


On the way out of the parking lot from the Man City work out thingy at the Nike campus the seeds and i spotted this gem hanging out parked on the street as you exit the parking lot. I had no choice but the slam the car into park so that i could get out of the car and get the perfect shot. Priceless...not sure if its cheetah or crackle technique but what i do know is that it is a commitment that someone felt in their heart needed to be done to complete this car and themselves..kudos to you sir or ma'am for having the balls to step your game up to epic proportions. you win. you win.

Training Day

Last Thursday HotMom invited the seeds and I to go to the "thirst Thursday" on the Nike campus because Manchester City was working out there at Ronaldo field. Of course we accepted so i dragged the seeds to Nike. There were the usual giveaways and beer garden but i don't drink beer, I do however love free give aways. Since Hotmom is an employee she had access to free Manchester city u.s. tour shirts. Thank you hot mom. The shirt is amazing. Anyways we walked around for a bit and i was able to get some pics of players and around campus. Some of the more popular players like Tevez or Adebayor were probably on vacay after the world cup but Sean Wright-Phillips was there and Bellamy formerly of Newcastle was also there training along with rest of roster that included Micah and Robinho. It was very nice of hotmom to take us around and get the seeds drinks while i spazzed out and took pics. We stayed as long as we could but the heat was getting to us and the seeds were losing interest quick. Still an overall victory for the squad.
You can check out video of the Manchester City U.S. tour here:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sticky Situation

Saw this on my way to voodoo doughnuts after dropping off Sweet D to work. Its kind of ironic that a place that caters to this lifestyle became a "victim" of what it celebrates. Not sure how to feel about that but i like stickers so I had to pull over and get some pics while they were still there. Some stickers had been pulled off already. I didn't have the camera. So it was the my touch 3g to the rescue.