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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sweet D B day weekend extravaganza

sweet d bday is upon us. she prefers to celebrate from friday to monday. we did something every night. i only have pics from a couple of our excursions.  Sunday afternoon icky poopy took us to dim sum. im not down with dim sum but everyone with us remarked how good it was the place was called Jin Wah

  Monday afternoon I took sweet to Widmer Brothers brewery off interstate.she would not let me take pics of the brewery but i managed to get a couple of the burger which was super good.  I dont drink beer so we compromised and she accompanied me to white eagle up the block from the brewery for some spirits.

White Eagle Saloon. dope spot even if it is a Mcmenamins.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cyber Monday

Sweet D got a sweet cyber monday deal on phones for us. Supposed to be a christmas gift but she wanted to open it now.How could i not agree. Typical sweetheart d. Cant be mad at that.

rip to the old phone. we had a good run. you probably wont be missed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


For this sundate we headed to bar bar 
It was mediocre. it was ok. drinks kinda pricey, even at happy hour time.
The burger and fries were good but we probably wouldnt come down to it again.


  As we left bar bar on the walk back to the car we ran into this sign Sidecar . We had to go in .  One of everything was the plan. 

                                            one of everything please.