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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rose Quarter Exit

Spotted some newness off the rose quarter exit while dropping sweetheart D off to workie. I quickly made plans to return and that led to another adventure while walking over the broadway bridge where you could see the dirt track for the Dew tour and some wall hopping off the jefferson pedestrain walk way near the entrance to the 26 Fwy. I will post those pix later on.
 TSK--Eagle eye D spotted this not far from our home a few days ago. Good eye.
 scrambling to get the camera on while i was driving is the excuse for how bad this looks.
KRAZE. you will have to click on it to really see it. 1,000 pardons.
 back of the same truck .
 checking out how to get to the spot i was walking over the over pass and spotted this rooftop

 This is the reason I didnt hop the fence to get closer to the escape x yovoy spot. I didnt want to get all up in their front yard to get to it. respect. They were setup right next to it.