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Sunday, July 14, 2013

After party. party

 after B's party we were all tired. icky poopy, B,sweet heart D and myself, after a heated debate (roughly 30-45 min) decided to go to Si Senor for happy hour.. A few min in b tapped out.

 Baby B all tapped out after the excitement of his 1st Birthday party
 40 oz Margaritas were the decision maker. Im not allowed to have these.
ended the night playing some 5 card draw with bag of change with our broke asses.

i won.

Friday, upon a couple of friends recommendation we went to Burnside Brewery
 for an early bite before finishing up our shopping for baby b first bday. burger cooked in duck fat. add bacon (of course). all to the good.
vanilla lemon tart thing. very good. def have dessert also if you have any room left.

Beer Drinker D says that the beer is on point. sweet heat is the way to go.