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Saturday, April 16, 2011

wdywt 041511

pop a bag and pop a tag.

                       mishka, mishka saves tshirt, nike air max acg, and the trusty levis 501.
Last night we were invited to go hang out with Rr for her birthday and bar hop in the Hawthorne district. I haven't been out since I got out of the hospital. I had a feeling of anxiety and excitement to get dressed and go to a bar cuz i cant do like I used to do in those situations but i can still pop a tag and crack a bag. We hit the bar of the gods and the space room. Our first stop was the bar of the gods. Something that never happens happened last night. A woman approached me while at the bar and asked me if i needed a shot...and i was like yeah, so she asks me what I'm drinking and I tell her Vodka... boom she gets me a shot of vodka, she gets herself a "gummy bear" and several other drinks and asks me what i have planned for the night and that I should go chill with her, ( I think that im being picked up. lol.) I tell her that I'm here with friends and my gf and I point out the table, then she says oh you have a girlfriend and your with that table of girls, cool, and its one of their birthdays, cool, what are they drinking? Next she buys them all jello shots and comes over to our table to let us know that her name is Kristie with a K, she is from the 90's and hasn't been out for while, she can get us pretty much anything we want because Hawthorne is her area, she is 31 years old and she has a dog. she likes to drink and smoke and she likes to chill with "chill" people.Kristie invited us to Mt. Tabor next door for a concert of some sort. We saluted her, she grabbed the rest of her drinks and she bounced. Crazy.


my sweetest D later pointed out that she may have been missing some teeth and that the bar of the gods is very dimly lit and Kristie with a K may not have even seen what my face looks like  but that could have been the jealousy talking cuz this face!? got all four of us FREE DRINKS last damn.

That was just the beginning of our night. It set us up to have a great time out on Hawthorne.