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Friday, September 16, 2011

app review: World of photo

We made a return to pub quiz this past wednesday. We also returned to our normal and rightful showing at 4th place. We are consistently just good enough to not win any money. We brought icky poopy with us and he was playing with this app where you get random pics from people doing watever from all over the world. Sweet D downloaded it to my phone as I am addicted to taking pics of anything. I havent been able to put it down. Now we both have it downloaded and are spending more time than I thought sending and receiving random pics from all over the world.
(be aware as with most apps or programs where random pics are involved you will receive a fair share of cock shots even when your profile explicitly asks that you not send them. besides that this shizz is pretty fun and addicting).
here is a real review from the Android Guys:

The basic premise is that you are selected at random by anyone else in the world using the app to send them a photo of your choosing. It displays a version of Google maps and your location and then once you take and send the picture it is then rated and commented on. You then spin/shake the phone or select a direction and the app searches for someone who then chooses whether or not to send you a pic (you can choose to “Make Photo” or not by selecting “I’m Busy”). The user is displayed on the map with an icon displaying a little bit of info about them and the photo is sent to you and it is up to you to rate and give feedback. This is repeated. And that’s it.
It may sound tedious but it is actually quite fun. Once you send and receive your first few pics it becomes quite addictive waiting to be chosen or see which pics have been sent to you. The social aspect is that you make comments on the pics and rate them and if people are nice enough, you can meet some interesting people. You will get photos from all around the world and it is fun seeing the lines connecting you to them.

The downside is that people will obviously abuse this kind of app and you can usually tell who these people are just by the usernames (I am not giving any examples here). There is an option to report images but I guess you have to see them first before you report them so I would be careful if minors are using it.

Other than that it’s fun and makes a good use of the camera and can be a nice little time waster.
* This App Was Tested Using: G1 running Cyanogen
* Presentation: Uses a version of Maps as its main screen with nice added visuals.
* Value: Great value (free) although there is a donate version available also.
* Stability/Resources: Not one FC and just a little lag when sending photo but this is minimal.
* Bottom line: A good app that makes good use of the camera and fun way to help pass the time.

here are some of the photos that I have received that were worth saving. you win some you lose some playing this game.