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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mississippi Pub Crawl

Private School D linked up with her K-8 class for a reunion of sorts in the form of a pub crawl on Mississippi st.
Any excuse to drink adult beverages in multiple places and you have my interest for sure. So I tagged along.
First stop  CROW BAR  - crow bar is dope. go here. if you dont already.
2. Mississippi Studios - we have been here before. burgers are good. they have no bacon. that is upsetting. that aside packed house,good music. Bathroom situation is a work in progress but its all to the good.
3. Prost Portland - BEER. that is what I saw in Private School D eyes as we walked into this spot. they have the hard stuff to so i was covered but the large sizes for your beer are one of many reasons to check this spot out.
4. Moloko - I have wanted to go here for a while. Any place that dj Maxmillion plays is all right with me. We walked past it on the way to Prost and there were some unsavory gentlemen hovering over the entrance. We were looking for another spot after Prost.We figured its all good. So we headed back to Moloko and ducked past the gentlemen wearing the cut off shirts and basketball jerseys and shorts! they meant no harm. they were just sloppy drunk.The dj on deck was playing some sweet tunes. There was no need to move to another spot. This was it We spent the rest of our night here till last call. GO HERE.