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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Presently we are battling a top 5 burger list.  We didnt quite agree with the top 5 list but we are going to eat them and recalibrate our opinions.
Stanich's burger was good. meat patty was a little thin for our tastes. def get the double as it is the same price as the special then add bacon. anyways it was good. they have a bar. add one dollar for a double. YES PLEASE. that was an awsome perk. The staff is cool. they chatted us up a bit.(tebow, hernandes, oden conversation)It is Baby B friendly until 9 pm or so. He had a great time flirting with waitresses and enjoyed the burger and fries also. We will be coming back her for the double burger and double vodka diet. (in a pint glass they also only use rc products. weird but good.)