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Monday, February 21, 2011


Our Friday night dinner night with #4 took us to Drunk D's favorite mexican food spot. She has been going there since she was a baby Sweet D.  Drunk D says it has the best real "mexican" food around our area. The Food is excellent and the wait staff has some the same peeps from when Drunk D was a lower case d.  The tortilla soup is tops and is the best I've had in oregon so far.
The thing that I really love about this place (notice how i do not include the name of the place or any pictures of the food, she wants to keep it a secret, its her place and it took like 6-9 months before she would even take me here) is the Pitcher of what they call "killer Margarita", they are strong and they are good. We go here all the time so i take it all for granted but this time i remembered to take a pic of my favorite drink at this place.