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Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines dinner

I forgot the camera and my phone, so i used Sweet D mytrey for these.
enjoy....(we did).

We chose the 3 course valentine special Bread & Ink Cafe.
1st course were appetizers.

I chose this mini lasangna which was very tasty.

Sweet heart D chose the spinach gnoochi. We never had this before and this was a special on the menu for v-day. This was very very good.  Just the appetizers alone were a victory for our night but there was still more to come.

I always play it safe when ordering from anywhere. Sweet d will most often try something that we havent had before and then i try some off of her plate. so for our salads, i chose the Ceasar, and she chose a sweet and sour salad. Kiwi and orange slices with a salad greens, these pictures do not do it justice. it was very good. So now next time we go im all over sweet and sour salad. See how we do that?
sweet and sour salad

I do not remember what these were called but Drunk D threw back a couple of these and they tasted like chocolate milk. I did it big boy style with double screwdrivers. they use fresh daily hand squeezed orange juice. Both of our drinks were excellent.

This was the second course, NewYork strip steak in a onion mushroom glaze with brussel sprouts and mashed potatos. (rare please, thank you).

This was too much food for us, we were not able to ge even half way through, had this boxed and ready for leftovers for the next days at work. Super tasty.

3rd course dessert. We have had this one several times but tonight they added more ice cream and some strawberries. This is the chocolate waffle sundae. It is beyond good. we basically ate sparingly from the other courses knowing that this bad boy was coming in 3rd. We had a great Valentines dinner. Thank you Bread and Ink cafe. you are the bestest.