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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vacation Day

After a week of what you see above we were in need of some time to relax. Sweetheart D took care of me and she deserved a vacation day for herself.
Sweet D and I had planned on a getaway for spring break a couple of months ago. Had I known that I was gonna almost kill myself by ignoring what was happening with my health and causing a series of events that would end in hospitalization i totally would have planned a vacation for Nurse D for all that she has done for me in the past month. we totally needed a day for relaxation and the Oregon coast was a perfect place for that. So we packed up #4 and brought a cousin along for him to have a partner in crime with and we headed for Seaside Oregon.
We found a good deal on a  hotel on the beach. We recommend this hotel for a beach stay. The rooms were nice, the view from your room is awsome. We will stay here again.
I had never been in a sauna but the combination of spa/sauna treatment was good for the muscles in my foot that I mysteriously pulled while in a hospital bed for 4 days.

 We hit the strip and unleashed the kids on the arcade. I got hooked on this playboy pinball game.

Before dinner I had to get the customary sunset photos.

We only spent 2 days here, but it was nice to be able to leave all the worries of the past month and coming months at home and enjoy the view, weather and each other.

*click pics to see at full resolution.