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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Abandoned Trailer Park part one.

Its has taken me 3 tries to get into this spot across the street from the nike campus. First time i discovered the rape shack and that shit kinda freaked me out and i got a bad feeling so i bounced. Second time i was turned away by the authorities looking for the guy who lives in the rape shack. Third time I drove around the whole area and made sure no one is in there that I could see. I parked a couple of blocks away and scoped out my entrance spot, there are mutiple points of entry. The farthest point of entry is wide open but pretty sketchy. It took the total of one month to get all these photos from 3 different trips.


This is the "rape" shack that freaked me out. Shit is creepy, located in the middle of the abadoned trailer park and cannot be seen from the street as you drive by. When i walked in the first time and saw this something told me to get outta there , so i did.

filled in swimming pool.

**as always if you want to see in detail or at full resolution, click the image dummy.