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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disc Golf Sunday

We linked up with icky poopy on Sunday morning. we spent the morning at the ninja donut shop. We went back to his lair for some drinks and to shoot the shit but with no real plans for the day. After several suggestions for adventures we agreed on disc golf. He already had discs (nerd). So off to the park for disc golf. Sweet D and I have never played. We sucked at it but we had fun and it was a nice outside while we were playing.

bored trying to figure out what to do.

sweet sweet throwing motion.

do not pee in the buckets.

We all ended up in the rough on more than a couple of occasions. i almost lost one of Stephens disks in the bushes.
We got progressively better as we went on, sort of, but before long it was over.
time for drinks and homemade burgers.