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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artillery shells?

At Sweetheart D request, friday we ventured through the traffic to Washington to the blackjack fireworks store. Turns out there is a big ass tent before blackjack that icky poopy pointed out to us selling everything from a to z for your outlaw weapons grade independence day fireworks show and at cut rate prices. The sales staff reeked of alcohol, so we knew we were in the right place.
cross your fingers that we get to keep our fingers.
I have never purchased artillery shells or mortar shells much less ignited them.
its gonna be outta control.

turns out with this post i have exceeded the amount of space that blogger allows for media which is one gig. I dont know what to do now. any suggestions. Im screwed. looks like after independence day i may have to find something else to do. damn.
***update, deleted some stuff from this stupid picasa acct. going to go through over the next couple of days and del duplicate pics. that will make some space short term, still not sure what to do for long term.