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Friday, October 7, 2011

#OccupyPortland part 1  --all info about what is happening downtown portland can be found here .  --info about what is going on in the other 800+ cities that are participating in the occupy protests can be found here.

I was excited to get the camera out and walk among the masses for this one. Then i got sleepy.
I was just going to sleep this day away as it was my day off and i was tired.
Sweet D called me and put me on alert. She could see all the people assembling from her building across the river and it looked like something that I would be in the middle of and I had already told her that I would be down there snapping shots of the goings on.
So I got off my ass and I headed down to the water front park where they were getting hyped up for the occupy portland march.
Here is part one from the water front park .
from here they marched to pioneer square which will be part 2 (with video)
Later they then marched to the park located across the street from city hall and spent the night there.
They started with upwards of 5000 people. When I checked on them this morning there was only probably o 250 hardcore people that spent the night in the park and they were being told that they had to vacate the park by 10am.
I bounced at 9.
*click pics to see in larger format.

 several of these boats were littered across the river.

Police presence was at maximum levels. tons of resources used to cover the march..helicopters, horseback, bike cops and foot patrol.

here is the beginning of the march. i was down the street where i met a couple of dudes that were trying to get in the front as they had lost the party that they came here with. I believe the dudes name was justin. He and I took off on foot and power walked about 4 blocks so that we could get some pics and video from the beginning of the march. Shortly after that I lost them both.
part 2 coming up...