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Friday, January 21, 2011

Alex Pardee

We haven't been going out very much lately. We have missed the past couple of first Thursday art walks due to work, sleep, work, tired, so yesterday I decided to go check out what show i missed this past first Thursday. It was a show for Alex Pardee. These paintings were so vivid and interesting to me that I picked up Sweet D from work and took her back to take a look and that is where we kinda fell in love with a particular painting. The fact that everything was 50% in store and online only fueled our (my) intentions on not leaving empty handed.

* as always click on photo to see in original (larger) format.

guess which one we took home?

This one was taken from the second floor of compound where they had a special presentation of art about the portland trailblazers. I was only able to get a good photo of this one due to them packing up boxes and stuff from a sample sale they had this past weekend. I will probably make time to get back up there when the coast is clear.