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Friday, January 21, 2011

All Half Off Everything.

UpperPlayground is having a 50% off sale on everything in store and online.
You are silly if you do not take advantage of this. They are begging you to purchase, cans, shirts, shoes, whatever. Just buy something and buy it quick, I believe the sales ends today instore and in a couple of days online or something like that. This is what we scooped.
retna x elmac

alex rodriguez i think. oopsie, its Patrick Martinez

                                                                            alex pardee

Vomit Is Love"

By Alex Pardee
Unlimited Giclee Print
8" x 10"
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag Paper
Each Print is signed by Alex Pardee
The LIMITED, full sized 17" x 22" "Vomit Is Love" print has been sold out and will never be reprinted.
This new 8" x 10" print is the only way to obtain this official signed print outside of the secondary market.